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Phuket: Muay Thai Weekend & Elephant Sanctuary

Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee! If you know me by now, you know I love keeping active and traveling is my passion. I love sitting on the beach, listening to music and sipping on fruity drinks with cute umbrellas, but what I really enjoy about being on a holiday is the adventure aspect! GUTIP - HK PEEPS, if you're looking for a perfect weekend getaway that is not too costly, short flight time, and you get to kick some butt, definitely check out Phuket and sign up for a muay thai bootcamp! HK Express offers cheap flights to Phuket which departs Friday evening at 9:30PM and leaves Sunday evening at midnight. This means you don't have to take any days off from work and you can enjoy tw

Palawan: El Nido vs. Coron

I've been to quite a few beach holidays, ranging from Bermuda to Sipadan Islands. However, nothing beats the magnificent Palawan, Philippines. Many people heard of the gorgeous beaches and sunsets of Palawan, but can't decide which part of Palawan to visit. The two main options are El Nido and Coron. In the past year, I was blessed to visit both parts of the island on two separate occasions. Today, I will talk about some of my favorite activities, beaches, and foods from both islands and reveal which I liked more - El Nido or Coron? During Christmas 2016, I booked a holiday to El Nido with my beautiful and amazing cousin Daphne. We are one year apart and super close. We were roommates at NYU

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