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Healthy Food Options on Food Panda

​​My ideal Friday night is ordering Food Panda and watching a rom-com on Netflix. Most people think ordering in is greasy Chinese food or pizza, but I love the copious amount of healthy options on Food Panda lately. Here are some great options for the health conscious couch potato: Vegetarian/Green Monday: click here if you want all the vegetarian options MANA! must order their amazing gluten free wraps and you get to select 4 toppings Green Common: plant based grocery shops Spice Box Organics: great lunch sets for a reasonable price SupaFood- they have great sets with salads, rice, or coconut brown rice Youni - they also do a food delivery service for meal plans Healthy Chicken- huge portio

Tai Hang Food Tour

My favorite neighborhood to explore for my favorite local dishes is a small charming district called Tai Hang. It’s nestle between Tai Hang and Causeway Bay away from tall skyscrapers and filled with cute cafes and hole and the wall mom and pop shops serving local dishes like scrambled eggs and BBQ pork and soy sauce noodles with beef briskets. You can definitely block off half a day to explore this quaint little neighborhood for food and drinks. Here are some of my favorite spots to hit up when I visit Tai Hang. 順興車仔麵大牌檔 - Tai Hang - Famous for their scrambled egg with BBQ pork over rice. Also try their fried pork and egg, pineapple bun with butter, and their half coffee/ice tea drinks. Ope

My First IV Drip at Medical Center LifeHub

​Living the Hong Kong lifestyle means frequent social drinking, poor air quality, constantly eating out because your kitchen is a closet and being stressed out about not having any personal space. Aside from those things, Hong Kong is a gem haha! On and off, I would get a nasty congested cough from the poor air quality or constantly being in Air Con. This July, I decided to visit a medical center called Life Hub in Central for my first IV drip. It was easy to book an appointment via Instagram DM for me. I was curious to see if this would help cure my cough or if it was just a gimmick. I came with an open mind and I was very pleased. When I first arrived, I was offer a huge selection of teas

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