Favorite Hong Kong Tings

I have been living in Hong Kong for over 2.5 years now and I have accumulated a list of some of my favorite restaurants, activities, hikes, cheap eats, and bars. I always get hit ups from friends and now even strangers in my DM asking me where they should visit when they travel to Hong Kong. There are a ton of places I have not tried out in Hong Kong yet, but here are some MUST EATS/SEES/DOS. I'll continue to add on to this list as I try new places, so always check back for more updates!


Dragon back Easy Breezy by the Sea-zy haha. One of the more scenic hikes in HK. Either take a bus to the start of the trail or a cab. I generally take a cab (its not very expensive if you split with people coming from central). After the hike, you will end up in Big Wave Beach where you can relax and grab a bite to eat. You can even rent surf boards!

Twin Peaks Be prepared for 1000 steps. If you start from Park View, your reward will be the beautiful and unreal view of Stanley beach. Bring bottles of water! Most of the hike is covered by shade but there are tons of stairs. Get those gluts fired up!

Peak Most people visit the peak and go pay for the observatory. But why pay for an overcrowded tourist trap for that one photo when you can get it for free! If you continue onto lugard road on the peak and walk for 20 minutes, you will get the same view. Definitely also less people! trust me.

Suicide Cliff - Most instagramable hike due to the fantastic view of HK. Please read my blog post for more information.

Dim Sum/Local Places

Chau Kee GREAT french toast with custard filling or taro filling. Must also try the shrimp toast! There's always a line, but its worth it!

Tim Ho Wan (two locations, go to the one in the dark side bc of less people). If you go to the one in HK station, i suggest you get the take away option and bring it to IFC red bar on the rooftop to sit and eat there. There are tables and chairs for eating. Definitely order the BBQ pork buns.

Dimsum Square my local favorite dim sum spot, there always a line outside but it moves quickly.

Fu Sing Has the best bbq pork in HK. It's more of the traditional big dim sum restaurants

Maxim's Palace Chinese Restaurant HUGE restaurant and always busy on weekends. Food quality is great and is located in city hall.

Yum Cha Pinterest worthy food and decor. Definitely order their popular custard bao's, spicy turnip cake, angus beef noodles, and egg yolk string beans.

Lin Heung Tea House One of the oldest dim sum restaurant (est. 1926), serving tradition dim sum dishes like chicken feet and rice rolls. Be sure to go later in the afternoon to avoid crowds.

Crystal Jade: Always a good option for delicious dimsum. The queues outside this ifc eatery every day are testament to the good value and quality food served.

順興車仔麵大牌檔 - Tai Hang - Famous for their scrambled egg with BBQ pork over rice. Also try their fried pork and egg, pineapple bun with butter, and their half coffee/ice tea drinks. Open Rice link here

Bing Kee (炳記茶檔) - Tai Hang - Famous for their pork noodles, milk tea, and corn beef egg sandwich. Look for the long line on Shepard Street and you will find Bing Kee. Open Rice link here.

民聲冰室 - Tai Hang - must try their steamed minced pork, the "char siu" fried egg and "Saliva Chicken." They were always a long queue but worth the wait. Open rice link here.

王林記(Wong Lam Kee Chiu Chow Fish Ball Noodles) - Tai Hang - you have to get the soy sauce noodles with a clear Broth & Boiled Beef Briskets or Beef Tendons. The fish balls here are also incredible. Open Rice link here.


Kau Kee super rude old lady working the door, but the noodles are worth it. I especially love the curry beef tendon noodles. You can pick what kind of noodles you prefer. The beef brisket is amazing here as well

Mak Noodles recently gone under renovation so restaurant looks more trendy. Only tried noodles here once but it's worth a visit and rated very highly in HK. They're known for their wonton noodles. Less lines than Kau Kee as well.

Nam Kee Probably my favorite noodle spot in HK. It's also dirt cheap. My favorite is the sour and spicy soup base with fatty beef and spring roll. It is honestly my favorite cheap eats in HK

Ho Hun Kee Their wonton noodles are legit. The bowls are small so you'll probably end up ordering two. Also try the congee here and the rice curlers! Located inside Hysan Place

Cha Chaan Tang

Australian Dairy Company I've only been here once but the condensed milk toast and the traditional HK breakfast with macroni and spam is their signature dishes. If you get takeaway it will be way faster.

Lan Fong Yuen Huge tourist spot and well known for their milk tea! This is a typical cantonese style restaurant in which you'll most likely share a table with strangers. Order the onion pork chop with ramen noodles. I love the scallion sauce it comes with on the side as well. Their toast wasn't memorable.


Bejing City In QB, it's one of my favorite spots for an afternoon snack. The soup is absolutely delicious

Din Tai Fung soup dumplings here are a must. The quality of food here is consistent around the world and affordable. Only con is their long wait.

Northern Yuan Dumplings - There is many locations and I have been to the one in Sai Ying Pun and Wan Chai. It is super well prices and lots of different options for fillings like abalone, pork, beef, vegetables, and etc.

Home Dumpling - A little overpriced for dumplings but it is fantastic. It's hidden in a small alleyway in Central HK. Get the pork and shrimp, it's my favorite.

Sichuan Restaurant

San Xi Lou Make a reservation before coming. There's multiple floors so if its booked, ask them for the other floor's number located in the same building. The best is the fish in hot chili broth and the double cooked pork. It is always well known for their hot pot. The unexpected favorite hot pot soup base was the pear/fish flavor!

Sijie Restaurant Simply order the cold noodles and the fish in hot chili broth dishes. Unfortunately, they do not do a la carte, it is a fixed price menu for $340 hkd per person. The more people who come to their restaurant, the more you get to order. GUTIP - bring more people haha

House of Qi my favorite lunch set deal spot (outdoor seating is a PLUS). For about 144 hkd, you can get an entree and appetizer. My favorite dish is the ginger beef!


Butao Try their Black squid ink tonkotsu ramen here ! The regular tonkotsu is also a very popular and flavorful choice

Ichiran Open 24 hours a day, its a obvious drunken ramen spot. It has individual seating like Japan where you can eat alone or with friends.

Ichitora Ramen Try their soho location because there are barely lines! I love the customizability of their ramen- you can chose the firmness of the noodles and add toppings like Nori, egg and bamboo shoot. I LOVE their chicken soup ramen!


Senryo Where I normally get my sushi fix. Fresh and reasonably priced. The conveyor belt sushi seating is also fun to bring out of town visitors.

Ronin One of the best sushi i've had in HK. Def also try their crab and uni dish! Super pricey but cool vibe

Zuma Known for their great brunch deal - unlimited sushi and drinks on weekends. Make sure to book a table in advance!

Sushi Kuu Located in Lan Kwai Fong, Central, and mainly offers sushi and Japanese dishes. 90% of the seafood is directly imported from Japan. Try their sake! It comes from a cute dispenser!

Okra Love their yellow tail appetizer and don't forget to try their fried chicken burger with sweet potato buns

Le Bec Fin - A french and japanese inspired omakase meal. You can also order a la carte during lunch. Must book a reservation as it is a tiny restaurant. The food is cooked in a charcoal oven and everything is delicious.


Le Petit Saigon BEST banh mi in town. They only make 50 a day so definitely go around lunch time

Co Thanh A restaurant inspired by Ho Chi Minh's city's food icon “The Lunch Lady." They have amazing Bun Bo Hue and banh mi. My boyfriend loves the shrimp paste broth pho but i thought it was too strong flavored.

Le Garcon Saigon - Located in Wan chai, great spot for a hearty Vietnamese meal with great drink selection.


Polili One of my favorite Poke places in HK. What I love more about it is that its on the Entertainer App for BUY 1 GET 1 FREE! download the app for 100s of deals in HK and use my code: gutakesworldhk for an extra 10% off membership fee (175HK)

Maison Lebanese My favorite lebanese takeaway place in HK. I usually order the lamb with half syrian salad and half rice with the red harissa sauce. It's absolutely golden and right across from my gym!

ms100 My dinner about 2 times a week. I love the spicy pork with brown rice. I usually always have some seaweed at home to eat this with

Bars and Clubs

Taz I always have a great time because the DJ is always mixing house and hip hop tunes all night. You can even play some pool here but I don't see why they waste so much space adding a pool table here. Also a nice terrace outside for people to get away from the noise for a little bit.

Racks if you love hip hop, darts, pool, and vokda sodas, you should definitely go to racks. I'm kidding about the vokda soda haha but the bartenders here are really attentive and quick! Always a good place to start your night and i'm glad they don't allow smoking inside anymore

Fly My favorite club in HK. purely because of the music and vibes. I always have a good time and a dance battle or two

Red Bar FOUR LETTERS - BYOB! Rarely would you find a scenic bar in HK that allows you to bring your own alcoholic beverages. Located in IFC, prime real estate, its a great place to gather your friends before a night out. Don't forget to bring cups!!

Bungalow/Levels I put them together because they're the same to me. LOUD edm music and overly crowded. Not going to lie, I use to go every week. Shout out to DJ DAVE AND BRYANT haha

Soiree seriously the most delicious & fresh fruit Martinis &Daiquiris you will ever taste. Each glass is rimmed with SWEET chocolate powder that will get you licking the glass all night.


Tai Cheong Egg Tarts these super delicious yellow hand size desserts are a MUST if you love egg tarts. Get it while its HOT! They're EGGcellent!

SHARI SHARI Kakigori House Instagram's favorite dessert shop. Absolutely delicious korean shaved ice and perfectly shaped kakigori. The size is huge and perfect for sharing. I heard great things about every flavor but Matcha seems to be one of the most popular.

Amazake Not only do they serve delicious japanese dishes, they have mouth watering desserts as well! I loved the fried brownie with green tea ice cream

Bitter and Sweet Not only do they employ some of the best mixologists in Asia, but they also have the best dessert chefs! I love the smores !!

Via Tokyo if you're in CWB, you should definitely stop by here for a green tea soft serve ice cream!

Afternoon Tea

Four Seasons Great Afternoon tea with live pianist. The tea set is enough for two people to share. Try their signature green tea. Price on weekends is $295 per person or $570 for two.

Cafe Grey Deluxe For the best view and afternoon tea set, definitely come here. When you make reservation, ask to sit by the window. Great deal with 250 per person!


Designer Brands As I always tell my friends who are visiting, you should buy designer things in HK because it's cheaper than the States because there's NO TAX! For example, you could save up to 1000 USD on a Chanel bag if you purchase it in HK rather than NY.

Skin Care There's no beauty tax in HK so definitely stack up on your skin care regime. I personally love my SKII Essense

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