Hong Kong's Most Instagram Worthy Hike - Suicide Cliff

Hong Kong has hundreds of hiking trails which is perfect for the many locals who hike religiously every weekends. Anyone would be amazed by the breathtaking panoramic views, isolated beaches, as well as the diverse foliage Hong Kong has to offer. The best time to hike is around November to April when it is less rainy and humid. Some of my favorite hikes in HK includes: Twin Peaks, Sharp Island, Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung and of course Suicide Cliff. The infamous Suicide Cliff has definitely picked up its popularity due to the most instagram-worthy photo opp despite its daunting name. Several deaths and rescues occur a year due to this hike, so it's definitely a suicide mission if you chose to go (jk it's not that bad).

Definitely pick a clear day if you want to do this hike. I do not think it's worth trekking on a foggy/polluted day. There are two main ways where you can start - we started on beginning of Fei Ngo Sha road side which was a quicker way to the peak and extremely steep. When you walk up the road, it sort of looks like you're trespassing into someone's property but before the gate on the right side, you will notice some ribbons tied to the trees to indicate a path up the mountain. It's about a 45 minute steep climb to the picturesque suicide cliff spot. My boyfriend would call it the "KOL" point haha. By the time you get there, there will probably be a queue of people trying to get the shot depending on what time of day you go. After the picture, you have the option of climbing back down the way you entered or head the other way towards Kowloon peak which is much flatter and more scenic. This is one of my favorite hikes in Hong Kong.

After the suicide cliff hike, my friends and I took a taxi to Tai Hang for some local food. My favorite place for local eats is called 順興車仔麵大牌檔. They serve this incredible scrambled egg with BBQ roast pork dish on top of white rice. The address is First Lane, King Street, Tai Hang. It's the perfect food post hiking.