My First IV Drip at Medical Center LifeHub

​Living the Hong Kong lifestyle means frequent social drinking, poor air quality, constantly eating out because your kitchen is a closet and being stressed out about not having any personal space. Aside from those things, Hong Kong is a gem haha! On and off, I would get a nasty congested cough from the poor air quality or constantly being in Air Con. This July, I decided to visit a medical center called Life Hub in Central for my first IV drip. It was easy to book an appointment via Instagram DM for me. I was curious to see if this would help cure my cough or if it was just a gimmick. I came with an open mind and I was very pleased.

When I first arrived, I was offer a huge selection of teas (lemongrass ginger, chai, and much more!). The center was very well maintained and felt like a Zen oasis and did not smell/look/feel anything close to a hospital or a clinic. I was given a GSR Exam which analyses all the stressors in your body and things to improve upon like diet/nutrition, hydration, sleep quality and even emotional. I thought the exam was quite accurate in many ways. The exam cost $280 HKD or free if with any purchase at the clinic.

After the body scan, I consulted with an in house doctor who walked me through all the wonderful concoctions of IV drips including detox, immunity, athletic recovery and much more. I ended up going for the detox IV drip because it would help me with my cough as well as help me flush out some toxins. The process was painless (I normally despise needles) but they gave me a cute little stress ball to squeeze to ease the pain. The drip process only took about 40-45 minutes and I did the oxygen therapy while dripping. Living in the city, we had lower than average levels of oxygen in our body so the oxygen therapy was ideal. I definitely felt a difference in my energy level afterwards.

Verdict – I would definitely try the IV drip and oxygen therapy again! My congested cough went away after one day and I felt less tired in the morning because my sleep quality improved. I highly recommend it to someone who is battling a nasty cough or hungover (it helps!). The bill was around $1500 HKD but you if say my name it is 10% off the bill.

LifeHub Hong Kong


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Address: 1/F The Loop, No.33 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong