Healthy Food Options on Food Panda

​​My ideal Friday night is ordering Food Panda and watching a rom-com on Netflix. Most people think ordering in is greasy Chinese food or pizza, but I love the copious amount of healthy options on Food Panda lately. Here are some great options for the health conscious couch potato:

Vegetarian/Green Monday: click here if you want all the vegetarian options

MANA! must order their amazing gluten free wraps and you get to select 4 toppings

Green Common: plant based grocery shops

Spice Box Organics: great lunch sets for a reasonable price

SupaFood- they have great sets with salads, rice, or coconut brown rice

Youni - they also do a food delivery service for meal plans

Healthy Chicken- huge portions

Bear's Lab- smoothie bowls galore

Knead- amazing sandwiches and smoked salmon salad for a reasonable price

Kind Kitchen

Nood food Salad Bar - standard salads and wraps

Mr Wolf- great seared salmon but pricey

Chicken on the run- love their salad options

Nosh- great value and portions