Tai Hang Food Tour

My favorite neighborhood to explore for my favorite local dishes is a small charming district called Tai Hang. It’s nestle between Tai Hang and Causeway Bay away from tall skyscrapers and filled with cute cafes and hole and the wall mom and pop shops serving local dishes like scrambled eggs and BBQ pork and soy sauce noodles with beef briskets. You can definitely block off half a day to explore this quaint little neighborhood for food and drinks. Here are some of my favorite spots to hit up when I visit Tai Hang.

順興車仔麵大牌檔 - Tai Hang - Famous for their scrambled egg with BBQ pork over rice. Also try their fried pork and egg, pineapple bun with butter, and their half coffee/ice tea drinks. Open Rice link here

Bing Kee (炳記茶檔) - Tai Hang - Famous for their pork noodles, milk tea, and corn beef egg sandwich. There is no English menu so the trick is to show them a picture of what you want to order from Open Rice or Instagram. Look for the long line on Shepard Street and you will find Bing Kee. It’s open from 7am to 3:30pm daily. Open Rice link here.

民聲冰室 - Tai Hang - must try their steamed minced pork, the "char siu" fried egg and "Saliva Chicken." They were always a long queue but worth the wait. Open rice link here.

王林記(Wong Lam Kee Chiu Chow Fish Ball Noodles) - Tai Hang - you have to get the soy sauce noodles with a clear Broth & Boiled Beef Briskets or Beef Tendons. The fish balls here are also incredible. Open Rice link here.

Plumcot – A cute little French bakery that serves fresh baked goods like chocolate croissants and buttery brioches. They also sell a range of artisanal handmade ice-cream in this tiny shop. During the King’s Day, they serve the king’s cake as well. Open Rice link here.

Elementary – if you’re looking for some classic Aussie Brekkie, this is your spot. Their sister restaurants Catch is one of my favorite brunch spots in Hong Kong. Open Rice link here.

Second draft- If you’re looking for a place to cool down with an ice cold crisp beer, Second Draft is a must-visit in Tai Hang. There are copious amounts of local beers and delicious snacks from the locally famous chef May Chow. Open Rice Link here.

Unar Coffee Company – Get high quality coffee here if you’re looking for an energy boost. I tried the iced cucumber coffee and it was very unique and actually tasted like cucumber. Open rice link here.