Sushi Zo - New favorite Omakase Restaurant in Tai Kwun

I was very excited to hear about the opening of Sushi Zo this summer, which is an internationally-known Japanese Omakase restaurant, in the beautiful and conveniently located Tai Kwun. Sushi Zo is present in downtown LA, NY, Bangkok, and Tokyo and has been awarded One Michelin Star in their other locations. For 2500 HKD, you get to try 18 courses of the softest sushi in town. They opened their doors in California so they cater their taste to westerners who prefer “less-chewy” sushi. I personally love the melt in your mouth pieces, so I was very excited to book a seat for two at the 6PM session (only 12 guest during each seating per night so a reservation is highly recommended). When you arrive to Sushi Zo, you will start at a cozy cocktail bar called Gishiki Lounge as you wait to be taken to your seat. The team is lead by head chef Fumio Azumi, who works with two executive chefs to create elaborate meals that changes daily. It depends on the availability of the freshest market harvests that are flown-in daily. Your dinner might include fresh slices of sought-after Japanese blue fish (kuromutsu), nigiri made from Nagasaki o-toro (fatty tuna) topped with Italian white truffle or a trio of uni from all over the world (Seattle or Hokkaido). We were lucky to have tried four kinds because I told the chef I LOVE UNI.

Overall, the dining experience was fantastic. The chef was attentive and even talkative. He shared his experience working in Seattle, LA, NY and Tokyo. I would highly recommend this Omakase meal to people who prefer softer sushi and less traditional techniques. The service was top notch, I would be surprised if the HK location receives One Michelin Star as well soon.