Hong Kong Gym Reviews

Over the last 5 years, I have tried countless gyms in Hong Kong. Here is a summary and review of each of the gyms that I have tried with a rating based on price, quality of instructors, and intensity level.

1). Pure Fitness - I joined this gym when I first moved to HK because of convenience and price. It was well priced at around 1100 all access (2 year contract). I loved that I worked and lived near a Pure however, I hated the class booking system. You need to be on standby at 9 am everyday to make sure you book a class or else it gets booked up within seconds. If you miss 2 classes, you are banned for a month to prebook. During peak hours, you can barely use the squat rack and theres long queues for the showers. After 3 years, I decided to call it quits and find a new gym.

Price $$ Instructors $$ Intensity $ Rating 5/10

2). F45 - After quitting Pure, I joined F45 in Central because it was a quick 45minute workout and they were offering a new gym membership promotion (approx 2k a month). I really loved the efficiency of the classes, however I realized the actual workout time is around 38-40 mins since stretching/explaining each workout takes some time. I loved some of the trainers at F45, especially when they push you to lift heavier or go faster. However, there were some who barely did anything and looked bored being there. The fun aspect is the heart rate monitor you can connect to your screen and everyone competes for a high score. It's also fun going to other cities and joining F45 classes. After a year of F45, I got super bored of following a TV screen and called it quits.

Price $$$ Instructors $ Intensity $ Rating 6/10

3). Ursus - I was trying out Guava Pass for a month to figure out what gym I wanted to sign up for next. I tried one bear camp class at Ursus and decided to sign up right away. Bear camp is a HIIT cardio class that lasts a full hour. You'll definitely get a bang for you buck at 250 HKD per class (cheaper when you get packages). They also offer boxing, muay thai, ursus fit, and strong man classes. I typically go to a few ursus fit classes a week because its weight training sessions. The trainers are very engaged during the entire workout and it really feels like a community in this gym. Highly recommend trying a bear camp class, the first one is free!

Price $$$$ Instructors $$$$ Intensity $$$ Rating 9/10

3). H-Kore - I was never a yoga or pilates girl, however I wanted to try out this reformers pilate class that everyone has been raving about. Only using your body weight and a little resistance, I was sweating within minutes. This class encourages slower movements and keeping the tension in your muscle, which increased muscular endurance. The class is short but efficient (45 minutes). They offer a first-timer trial pack which is a steal compared to their normal rate (350 for 2 classes). They're also available on class pass which is a little cheaper than paying full price (350 per class). 

Price $$$$ Instructors $$ Intensity $$ Rating 8/10

4). XYZ - I have a love/hate relationship with spin classes but XYZ is super fun! I tried their 2 weeks for 950 hkd unlimited classes trial and absolutely loved it. I can see why people are addicted to XYZ. The instructors are top - notch and super motivating. The music is also great and the instructors tailor dance moves/rhythms to the beat. I realized I have zero rhythm after taking XYZ classes, but I'm having fun so it doesn't matter. It's definitely a great workout but I feel like my thighs get super thick when I take spin too much. However, I wouldn't mind taking it once in awhile

Price $$$$ Instructors $$$ Intensity $$ Rating 8/10

4). ATP Fitness - Last year, I decided to start a fitness journey and finally get abs for the first time in my life. I signed up for a 10 week training program at ATP fitness and it was the best decision ever. I love that each program is highly customized to your goals and body type. I was measured every week and my meal plan was adjusted (if needed) based on the progress. I also learned how to meal prep, count calories and calculate macros from the well-educated trainers. The added bonus was the good habits that I acquired after joining the program like daily step goals, drinking more water, and my daily supplement regime. It's definitely pricey having personal training, but I highly recommend it if you really want to jumpstart a healthier life. The knowledge you take away from the experience is priceless. 

Price $$$$ Instructors $$$ Intensity $$ Rating 9/10

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