Tips for Trolltunga Hike

One of my favorite hike to date is the Trolltunga hike in Norway. It is approximately 22km roundtrip and took about 10 hours long. The hike was very challenging and a mission to get to, however the beautiful scenery was totally worth it. Here are some tips/recommendations for this epic hike if you are planning to pay a visit.

We did the hike in July so starting super early was no issue. My friends and I rented a car in Bergen and drove to Trolltunga to spend one night at a nearby hotel. The drive took about 4 hours with some scenic stops along the way. We started the hike at around 4am and parked at P2 parking lot. We wanted to park at P3 because it would have saved us 45minutes of hiking uphill however, it was all booked up. I highly recommend booking P3 parking lot a few weeks before your trip as there is only a limited amount of parking.

We started the hike early because we heard there is a long queue around 10am (2 hours long) for the famous picture. It took us around 4 hours to get to the viewpoint and we spent about 1.5 hours there for photos and lunch. The hike is mostly flat except for the first 3-4km uphill to P3 parking lot, however its perfectly paved. When we arrived around 8AM, there were only 10 people there lining up for the photo. However, after we finished lunch around 9:30AM, the line seem to be getting super long (approx. 70 people). There are loads of people who camped overnight as well and are waiting for the photo op.

Make sure you pack proper hiking shoes that are already broken in. You can catch a shuttle bus from P3 parking to P2 if you want to save yourself 3-4k of walking downhill. It comes every 30 minutes or so. If you are waiting for friends at P2 parking lot, there is an awesome convenience store which sells beer, water, sandwiches and ice cream. They even have free wifi